The majestic Residence of Palazzo Farnese

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Guided Tour of the Palazzo Farnese

The Farnese Palace is located directly above the city of Caprarola, dominating its surroundings. Caprarola has always been an expression of the power of Farnese, and the palace is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture. On this tour, you are able to walk the spiral staircase called Scala Regia or the ‘Royal Stairs’ and see the Piano dei Prelati plan, which leads to the large terrace.

You can see the extraordinary frescoes in the winter suite, the famous ‘Sala della mappa della mondo’ or ‘Sala del Mappamondo,’ which shows the world as it was in 1574 when the frescoes were completed. Observe the representation of the continents on one side of the wall, while the wall in front of the planisphere is dedicated to the lands where Christianity was born and the church, Judea, and Italy.

The Royal Staircase is next, and it has been hailed as a masterpiece by Vignola, having been imitated several times throughout history. The most original aspect of the structure is its helicoidal structure inspired by the great Bramante ‘snail’ in the Vatican.

The gardens of the villa are as impressive as the building itself, a significant example of an Italian Renaissance garden. They sit behind the building and are divided into a winter garden and a summer garden. A walk through the chestnut woods leads to the secret garden with its 28 statues. At the end of your tour, you can have lunch in the center of Caprarola, where you can sample authentic local cuisine.