“CIVITAVECCHIA EXCURSIONS” is a “Myloveitaly Travel&Experiences” ‘s brand which is dedicated to the shore excursions from Civitavecchia Port. Our shore excursions includes pick up and drop off from the harbour, round trip transfer, ticket entrance fee and light lunch or food tasting. The duration is about  6,5 – 7,5 hours.


MYLOVEITALY TRAVEL & EXPERIENCES is an INCOMING TOUR OPERATION and TRAVEL AGENCY that offers you the chance to experience Rome and Italy in an alternative way to the traditional one, to discover Rome and its surroundings from entired new point of view, through guided tours, cooking lessons and original shopping-tours, unique and bespoke experiences
The competitive strength of MYLOVEITALY TRAVEL & EXPERIENCES resides in the partnerships with locals, rooted in local knowledge, love for our land and the construction of routes and packages tailored to meet the variety of customer’s specific needs. promotes all kinds of shore excursions and experiences that starts from Civitavecchia Port. They are created specifically for the cruise passengers who arrive in Civitavecchia and make stop there for a few hours or for a day before or after embarking or desembarking.
Besides the excursions on the eternal city (shore excursions in Rome) that probably everyone knows that we are specialized in those around Rome and the south of Tuscany that are little known to most people but not less fascinating to discover and admire.

shore excursions in Rome: are aimed to the clients (visitors) who have never been to Rome and are interested to discover the Eternal City through the attractions that makes it famous in the world such as the Colosseum or the Vatican Museums and the historical city (Piazza di Spagna and Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona).
These tours are also recommended to all clients (visitors) who just visiting Rome and wanting to discover it in an unconventional way.

shore excursions outside Rome: for the clients (visitors) who have already seen Rome but definetly do not want to be stressed by Rome’s traffic and the huge crowd but would like to be surprised by something new and fascinating not far from Civitavecchia such as UNESCO heritage sites, Ancient Castles, Theme Parks and Monsters which will waiting for you !!

shore excursions in tuscany: recommended to the clients (visitors) who love Tuscany and desire to experience it all: food&wine, beautiful village and landscapes; amazing nature and historical places.

Excursions Pre and post cruise: recommended to the visitors whom are waiting to embark or desembark for cruises and have time at disposal to discover Civitavecchia’s surroundings

All CRUISE PASSENGERS have the possibility to be our customers. In fact, all our shore excursions are tailored exactly for them. “How long does it take to get to shore excursions” ?? Here we want to respond to the passengers that have concern with the following: if I visit this/that city or this/that monument/attractions will I be in time to go back to the Port of Civitavecchia before my cruise leaves?
The answer is easy: for sure, you will be on time! Do not worry, be safe and enjoy our experiences

all our proposals are formed as a touristic package that is composed by round trip transfer, visiting historical heritage or Museums, tasting local food & wine products, viewing landscapes and artistic masterpieces. They are unique and unforgettable in their authenticity and beauty because they can change according to the special events that happens in the area; they are bespoke according to your needs; and finally because we are experienced to manage small groups rather (max 8 persons) than large ones to preserve the real and close relationship; our aim is the quality matters to us rather than the quantity.

We organize unique experiences that are not standardized. As being local Etruscan my companiy’s aim to welcome visitors to give special memories. Probably, you don’t know what we propose and for this reason we ask you to TRUST US and ENJOY OUR EXPERIENCES like our loyal customers who have been already experienced with us

The Port of Civitavecchia, founded by Emperor Trajan, as the port of Rome, for many centuries has represented the cornerstone of exchange and contact among the people of ancient “Mare Nostrum”.
Civitavecchia still enjoys this privileged position today at the centre of an important connection centre network that links the capital and central Italy to the rest of the world.
The Port of Civitavecchia as well as being a strategic commercial traffic landscape it also strategic for the access to the important Italian tourist destinations and important Mediterranean cruise routes. The passenger flow has been increased from 1991 and Civitavecchia has also become the leader of all the cruises. Development works of the docks and passenger welcoming structures have granted the possibility of recording a significant increase in cruise liners, starting from 50 ships in 1996 to 500 in 2003. Civitavecchia aims at increasing the tourist flow with the target of becoming the most important cruise port in the Mediterranean.
Today the Port of Civitavecchia is the first port in Italy that is receiving great amount of tourists and visitors (over 4 million tourists and visitors per year) and it is the point of departure for the main Mediterranean destinations. RCT is the most important Mediterranean cruises terminal. leave and embark passengers here from this terminal: Costa Cruises, Msc and Royal Caribbean RCT stands for Rome Cruise Terminal and it is but a company formed by Costa Cruises, Marinvest (MSC) and Royal Caribbean Cruises. We are talking about the 3 major shipping lines that, according to GP Wild, represent 80% of the cruise market in the Mediterranean.

If you must embark on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea you will necessarily have to go to terminal RCT, also known as the cruise terminal at the port of Civitiavecchia.
RCT signed in 2007 a grant for forty years with Port Authorities of Civitavecchia, Gaeta and Fiumicino by means of which it owns the rights on the docks 10 to 13 of the port of Civitavecchia.
A new terminal is under construction, and it will replace the structures which are currently being used at the port of Civitavecchia. This will be a terminal in the vanguard designed by studio Vicini, the same that has worked for the ports of Barcelona and Savona.
We are talking about more than 2,000 meters of berth for large and very large cruise ships in an area of 90,000 square meters, to which you must add the 170 meters in length of dock 25 (also at the disposal of cruise lines of RCT). To give an idea of the importance and magnitude of these docks one only has to think that on these piers docks weekly the Allure of the Seas, the largest vessel of the world and that in 2013 have passed through this terminal over 2,500,000 passengers going to Rome or toward the main ports of the Mediterranean.
In fact, for passengers in transit, the port of Civitavecchia represents the way of access to Rome favourite destination by most cruise passengers, and to the main points of interest in its Civitavecchia and surroundings.


You can reach to the Port by train, by car or by foot:
Once at the Civitavecchia train station you will be able to get a local CSP (Civitavecchia Servizi Pubblici) bus or walk towards to the port or take taxi or private transfer.
The CSP buses leave from the area in front of the station, running every 20 minutes, getting you to the port in less than 10 minutes. The ticket costs € 2,00 (luggage included) and can be bought at the news-stand or at the bar inside the station.
Important: the autobus from the station will take you to Largo della Pace, the port’s hub for cruise lines. From here you can take one of the free shuttle that run regularly and that will take you to your terminal or departure quay.
Alternatively it is possible to reach the port on foot from Civitavecchia Station. The entrance of Varco Fortezza is actually located 600 metres away. Once you are outside the station go towards via Giuseppe Garibaldi and while walking along the seaside, you will find the pedestrian entrance. Go in and on your right, you will find one of the free shuttle stops. Wait for few minutes and you will be taken to the destination for free.
The port has two accesses for motor vehicles: the Varco Vespucci, the main entry is used by tourists, and Varco Nord, reserved access for heavy vehicles, truck drivers and internal service transports. Follow the directions that are present at the port to reach your quay or your terminal.
The port has 3 pedestrian accesses: Varco Fortezza, the access to Fort Michelangelo is located at the end of via Giuseppe Garibaldi, Varco Vespucci, a great pedestrian link for anyone who arrives from or has to get to Largo della Pace, and Porta Livorno, the most evocative access to the port with the splendid Vanvitelli Fountain in great view.
Every access has a neraby shuttle stop. Wait for yours and in no time you will reach to your destination.
How to get to the docks? The RCT terminal is located within the port of Civitavecchia. We recommended, to reach the quay of your ship thanks to the free shuttle bus service running inside the harbor. In fact from Largo Della Pace, the meeting point for all cruise passengers of the port, you can find the Free Cruise Shuttle bus (green line). Be careful not to confuse with the Ordinary Shuttle service (blue line). The service is totally free and is designed to transport passengers with disabilities. Shuttles allow the passengers of the port, but also tourists or simply visitors, to move easily and quickly within the vast port area.
Cruise passengers can use the shuttle bus service which is connecting piers directly to Largo della Pace Service Center to facilitate embarking and disembarking. The service is planned and works in synch with the arrival of ships, as follows:
LINE A (green line)*
For all cruise passengers who embark/disemabark at piers 10 to 13, the new route includes the following stops:
Cruise Terminal Bramante (hop off only) – Largo della Pace – Molo del Bicchiere (hop on only)
LINE B (light blue line)*
Intermediate shuttle bus stops are not established for cruise passengers embarking/disembarking at pier 25. This means that cruise passengers are picked up, as soon as they get to the quay, and taken directly to Largo della Pace. Vice versa for the way back.
*Timetables are synched with the arrival of the ships. The stop Bramante (hop off only) works only from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. The connection between Largo della Pace and Pier 25 works only when cruise ships arrive.

Service is established between two ends of line:
• Molo del Bicchiere (near the Fort Michelangelo)
• Terminal ADM Sud (Terminal T1 – Autostrade del Mare)
here is the complete route (Blu line) with all the stops:
Molo del Bicchiere (terminal) – Fortezza | Darsena Nord – Largo della Pace . Varco Vespucci – Terminal ADM Nord – Dogana Nord | Punta S. Paolo – Mattonara Nord – Parcheggio Nord – Banchina 27 – Parcheggio Cruise – Dogana Sud – Banchina 18 – Terminal ADM Sud (terminal) – Banchina 20 – Banchina 21- Autorità Portuale- Banchina S. Stefano – Largo della Pace – Darsena Sud- Banchina Sardegna – Molo del Bicchiere.
Service is guaranteed from 05.30 to 24.00. Shuttle buses run every 20 minutes.